The Kiss

The Kiss

“In Times Square on V.J. Day I saw a sailor running along the street grabbing any and every girl in sight. Whether she was a grandmother, stout, thin, old, didn’t make a difference. I was running ahead of him with my Leica looking back over my shoulder but none of the pictures that were possible pleased me. Then suddenly, in a flash, I saw something white being grabbed. I turned around and clicked the moment the sailor kissed the nurse. If she had been dressed in a dark dress I would never have taken the picture. If the sailor had worn a white uniform, the same. I took exactly four pictures. It was done within a few seconds.

Only one is right, on account of the balance. In the others the emphasis is wrong — the sailor on the left side is either too small or too tall. People tell me that when I am in heaven they will remember this picture.” – Alfred Eisenstaedt (Photographer)



Those small moments

If we are perfectly honest to ourselves for a second, we have to admit that we are all looking for them: those big changes in our lives, the billion dollar jackpot, the once-in-a-lifetime-chance, the accidental running into our future dream-husband, the discovery of your hidden talent by this hollywood-star who coincidentally asks for directions in your coffee shop or the business idea of your life. We’re all dreaming about looking back on our lives when we’re old and grumpy and saying: “kids, I wasn’t expecting much from my life as a waitress, until on a rainy day George Clooney, who is your father as you know, showed up in front of my Nespresso shop.”

Or something like that. But as much as we’re dreaming about it we are hopefully realising at the same time that it is only just a dream and are able to focus on other things in our lives. We figure out what’s really important and couldn’t care less about money. We secretly know that we would have the potential to become a Hollywood-legend but we learned to appreciate our satisfied suburban lifestyles. And that’s wonderful. No matter what kind of life we lead, we should at any time still be able to experience and fully appreciate those moments that change our lives maybe not on the surface but in our perception and in our hearts.

Reading this you might be lead to the well-known thought: “yeah sure, but… why?” I began to think about this as I was reminded by myself of my all-time favourite story regarding the discovery of my now favorite musical artist. I mentioned him in my last blogpost about the discovery of another musical project in which he participates. I started again thinking about this moment when I first heard him and was as thankful and touched just as I was back then all over again. But before I’m sharing this moment with you I want to make clear that I know that only few people can understand how the discovery of a certain musician can be so important. You must be crazy about music and hold a huge place for it in your heart and in your life. Music for me is a passion that others find in sports, books, horses, lego, food or… whatever. I’m sure you have that too.

It’s not the amazing story that you’re expecting for sure. But why else would I write such a big introduction? Well, I love writing, that’s it. Anyway. It was in eleventh grade, so I was about 15 or 16 years old when I was in France as an exchange student for only ten days. We were given an afternoon in Lyon to stroll through the city, go shopping, have a coffee and socialise. Back then I wasn’t as much into cloth shopping as my friends so I disappeared to go in a shopping center called FNAC for a while. This was the place to go for me because what they have is above all books, DVDs and CDs. So walking through paradise I finally came to the big music section. I heard some CDs and of course I only chose them by their covers. One of them caught my attention right away:

The strange atmosphere that this picture suggests fascinated me in a way. So I grabbed the CD and wanted to listen to it but sadly the first song couldn’t be played. The second song started playing and began with a rather strange men choir kind of thing but I thought: ok, sounds interesting, let’s wait if there will be some instruments… and then the guitar started playing rhythmically, other instruments were added and the song started… wow. I went on. Skinny love, the third song, didn’t convince me. But the The Wolves started playing and gave me this feeling that I’ll never forget. Somehow I’ve seldomly been this sad before but still I was grateful, happy and deeply moved. I didn’t listen to the whole CD – I put the headphones back and ran to the counter like a fool to make this CD mine and only mine.

In my host family I didn’t have a CD player and was too shy to listen to it loud with the computer anyway. So every night when I went to my room I listened to the music very low and was incredibly nervous. But still, as soon as the music started I couldn’t help but be as moved as I was never before and would never be again by any other music. This moment changed something in my life. I can’t say how or what. But the thought of never having discovered it under different circumstances  gives me the shivers.

This is a very personal story for me but still I’ve been carrying it around for years now and was always looking for a chance to share it. Telling it makes me happy. This moment that I will never forget showed me how in the end I only need few things in my life to be completely happy and satisfied no matter how hard life can be. Especially in those sad, difficult and hard times that everyone knows those are the moments to remember, not the raise you got at work five years ago. Do you have those moments too or are they yet to be created?

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This is the album of a rather unknown group which seems to be an amazing and interesting project by several artists from all over the US. If you want to learn more about them, follow this link.

I am very glad that I found them with the help of one of my favourite artists who is also featured on this album – the wonderful Bon Iver.

In contrast to what I would love to do now, I am now trying not to talk too much about this music to make it tempting for you. I’ll let the music talk. I really hope you’re as fascinated by it as I am.

Gayngs with their album Relayted:


A writer’s worst critic

A writer's worst critic

A writer is his own worst critic.

This quote came to my mind after reading hundreds of quotes about how a poet should behave. Those were quotes like “Poets should write.” (wow) or even “Poets should write in praise of the rainy season.” or something like “Poets should get sloppy drunk off the bottle and the ball and walk the streets at night.” Thank you for that, Adam Fitzgerald.

Still, after reading all these pseudo-truths about poets, I thought that  there is only one truth about poets and writers in general. And that’s that thing about their worst critics. Oh and maybe that poets shouldn’t waste their time tweeting useless phrases about poets, only trying to show the world how awesome they are.

Anyway, I was looking for this quotation and who might be famous for putting it in words. I didn’t find anything but this picture. On the one hand it seemed to be kind of true, on the other hand it seemed to be the perfect parody of this intellectual pseudo-poetry.



The rain is like an orchestra to me… or, is it?

I’m not sure to which sort of people I belong. As I’m sitting in the attic while it’s raining cats an dogs I can’t avoid to make up my mind about whether I love the low sounds that the falling raindrops make on the window right above my head or not. Intentionally, I smiled when I heard the first raindrops falling. I can’t deny how the softness of this natural orchestra’s music calms me down immediately. A music-nerd as I am I started to go through all the song lyrics connected to rain that came to my mind: It’s raining men; Raindrops keep falling on my head; The rain is like an orchestra to me; Singing in the rain; Purple Rain; Set fire to the rain… wow! Rain must be wonderful. If I will remember this tonight when I have to walk fifteen minutes through drenching rain while it’s cold, windy and disgusting? Probably.

Not. This is actually the thing that came to my mind right after being amazed by those wonderful sounds. The sky is grey, I haven’t seen a real heartwarming and mood-lifting winter sun in days, it’s windy and cold and I need to go outside later on. There’s nothing poetic about that, is there? Still, as much as we all hate rain at least at some point in our lifes, we love it. Is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain? Or more heartbreaking than a dramatic goodbye scene while even the heavens cry? Or more sexy than a woman walking around in a white summerdress while the rain is fitting it a little tighter to her body, guys? At least about that last thing I’m sure that those phenomenons are one reason for the weatherman to accidentally stretch the truth about the upcoming rainclouds. Well, but that’s another story.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I’m not going to make a rain playlist, at least not right now. I’m not posting the five most stunning rain pictures you can find on the web. I’m just trying to find a reason why the rain is such a huge source of inspiration for movies, music, literature, photographers and so on. We love the tenderness of the warm summer rain which couldn’t be a more lovely contradiction. We love the melancholy that rain creates and takes with its coming and going. We might even only love how it makes us appreciate the sun again.

Or maybe it’s the only thing that touches us not only on our skin but in our hearts when we weren’t able to feel anything else in a long time. Maybe it’s the subsitution the tears we couldn’t cry for years.

Will I ever know for sure? I don’t care. I just love how this ugly rainy day inspired me to write and find out a little more about this amazing world.


“Ingen människa ska känna sig ensam, värdelös och oomtyckt.”

No one shall feel lonely, worthless and unbeloved.

Written on a tile in Linköping, Sweden.

On this tiled wall, everyone can write a personal wish for the future in any language you want, for it may hopefully come true some day in the future. The wall can be found on a small passage along to Kinda Kanal.




The home has always been an interesting and fascinating topic for me to analyse. It appears everywhere you look: thousands of songs have been written about it, every holiday reminds us of our home, one of the most important aims in life is to create (a new) one… And the question that always comes up for me when I hear someone singing “I’m driving home for Christmas” or saying “Welcome home!” is: what is a home? What defines it? Why is it such an important expression that it delivers 21.820.000.000 results in google, whereas love for example ‘only’ delivers 7.670.000.000?

I can never describe or define what home actually means. It means something completely different for every single one of us. Still, home is a word that contains wonderful memories, nice associations, positive connotations, inspiration and last but not least simply a whole bunch of great thoughts. Of course there are also negative sides of home, especially when you lose it or never had it. Home for me though is inseparably connected with life. Somewhere, somehow, sometime you will find your home in something. That’s what I strongly believe in.

Two weeks ago on my way back home to my family in Germany, I had a lot of time while I was waiting at Stockholm’s airport for several hours. There, I was longing to be home like never before. That was also the time when I made up my mind about this expression and I tried something out that I’ve been wanting to check for months. Being completely convinced by the greatness of this word, I had the theory that most of the songs containing or being about home are incredibly touching and beautiful. So I typed in the word in Spotify and looked for all those magnificent songs…

…and was proved wrong. Nevertheless, I created a playlist entitled “home” and gathered all the songs containing the word or the idea of a home there. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime you can try to make up your mind about what home means to you. You are very welcome to share this information with me.


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