The rain is like an orchestra to me… or, is it?

I’m not sure to which sort of people I belong. As I’m sitting in the attic while it’s raining cats an dogs I can’t avoid to make up my mind about whether I love the low sounds that the falling raindrops make on the window right above my head or not. Intentionally, I smiled when I heard the first raindrops falling. I can’t deny how the softness of this natural orchestra’s music calms me down immediately. A music-nerd as I am I started to go through all the song lyrics connected to rain that came to my mind: It’s raining men; Raindrops keep falling on my head; The rain is like an orchestra to me; Singing in the rain; Purple Rain; Set fire to the rain… wow! Rain must be wonderful. If I will remember this tonight when I have to walk fifteen minutes through drenching rain while it’s cold, windy and disgusting? Probably.

Not. This is actually the thing that came to my mind right after being amazed by those wonderful sounds. The sky is grey, I haven’t seen a real heartwarming and mood-lifting winter sun in days, it’s windy and cold and I need to go outside later on. There’s nothing poetic about that, is there? Still, as much as we all hate rain at least at some point in our lifes, we love it. Is there anything more romantic than kissing in the rain? Or more heartbreaking than a dramatic goodbye scene while even the heavens cry? Or more sexy than a woman walking around in a white summerdress while the rain is fitting it a little tighter to her body, guys? At least about that last thing I’m sure that those phenomenons are one reason for the weatherman to accidentally stretch the truth about the upcoming rainclouds. Well, but that’s another story.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. I’m not going to make a rain playlist, at least not right now. I’m not posting the five most stunning rain pictures you can find on the web. I’m just trying to find a reason why the rain is such a huge source of inspiration for movies, music, literature, photographers and so on. We love the tenderness of the warm summer rain which couldn’t be a more lovely contradiction. We love the melancholy that rain creates and takes with its coming and going. We might even only love how it makes us appreciate the sun again.

Or maybe it’s the only thing that touches us not only on our skin but in our hearts when we weren’t able to feel anything else in a long time. Maybe it’s the subsitution the tears we couldn’t cry for years.

Will I ever know for sure? I don’t care. I just love how this ugly rainy day inspired me to write and find out a little more about this amazing world.


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    Jan 05, 2013 @ 09:43:37

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