A writer’s worst critic

A writer's worst critic

A writer is his own worst critic.

This quote came to my mind after reading hundreds of quotes about how a poet should behave. Those were quotes like “Poets should write.” (wow) or even “Poets should write in praise of the rainy season.” or something like “Poets should get sloppy drunk off the bottle and the ball and walk the streets at night.” Thank you for that, Adam Fitzgerald.

Still, after reading all these pseudo-truths about poets, I thought that  there is only one truth about poets and writers in general. And that’s that thing about their worst critics. Oh and maybe that poets shouldn’t waste their time tweeting useless phrases about poets, only trying to show the world how awesome they are.

Anyway, I was looking for this quotation and who might be famous for putting it in words. I didn’t find anything but this picture. On the one hand it seemed to be kind of true, on the other hand it seemed to be the perfect parody of this intellectual pseudo-poetry.



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