But… why?

That might be the first question that came to your head when you stumbled upon this rather non-specific Blog. Why this title? And what’s this about?

Truth is, the idea of creating a blog about something that was in any kind of way related to poetry, but from a very different perspective, was something that existed in my mind for a longer time. I never knew who I wanted to do this for, in which language the blog ought to be written, how I was supposed to do this and what the actual content of this blog would be. All I knew was: I love how poetry exists in every language, in every aspect of life and in every corner of the earth. However, there are so many people that are just blind for this fact. And I would like them to see it.

Luckily, I love to write just as much as I love to read, and furthermore I love languages and speak a few ones. Those facts create perfect conditions for what you are looking at right now: This blog is a try to show poetry to everyone who’s willing to see it wherever you look.

I’m publishing most of all my own stories, poems, texts, thoughts etc. I honestly hope that they can give you at least something, even though my English isn’t perfect and not at all poetic; that’s because it’s not my mothertongue. I truly believe that poetry can be found everywhere. If you also believe in that, you are very welcome to give me your examples of poetry, be it at work, in a traffic jam, just after waking up, in your food, in a book, in a moment or, well, just in your head.

What were you thinking?!

We are unable to notice the poetry in certain situations, just because of the lack of abilty to look into someone’s head. Thoughts, intentions, memories etc. often create things like sarcasm, metaphores, irony, jokes… All in all, this provides those situations with a hidden beauty. The essence of poetry. I hope to be able to reveal some of it with this blog.

Any questions?

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