Who do you think you are?!

Me? That’s just another girl who likes to write and to be read.

My name is Kathrin, pronounced something like “cut – reen” or not at all. I’m in my early twenties and too lazy to update my age once in while, so this information is the most exact it can be. I’m not an angel in stunning astronaut pants and I don’t know any. If you find one, please let me know. The closest I ever got to an angel in stunning astronaut pants was probably on this picture:


Yes, that’s me.

I love languages. I speak German, English, Swedish and a little French. I will never stop learning languages.

I love reading. I study literature not only to get my bachelor’s degree, but also because I wanted to give literature the place in my life that it deserves.

Most of all, I love writing. I’m writing short stories and poems, but only in my mother tongue German. My dream is to make writing the official centre of my life by becoming a journalist. Until I get there, I will try to satisfy my need to write with this and other blogs.

Any questions?

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