How long has it been since someone touched part of you other than your body?

– Terri Guillemets


If you look hard, you can even find some unexpected truths in commercials.

DSC_6533 - Kopie (2)

The best thing about getting lost is…

what you find along the way.


Here or there…?

I’m just going.


Anywhere I end up,

I’m just free.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShP_HrO6aK0





A writer’s worst critic

A writer's worst critic

A writer is his own worst critic.

This quote came to my mind after reading hundreds of quotes about how a poet should behave. Those were quotes like “Poets should write.” (wow) or even “Poets should write in praise of the rainy season.” or something like “Poets should get sloppy drunk off the bottle and the ball and walk the streets at night.” Thank you for that, Adam Fitzgerald.

Still, after reading all these pseudo-truths about poets, I thought that  there is only one truth about poets and writers in general. And that’s that thing about their worst critics. Oh and maybe that poets shouldn’t waste their time tweeting useless phrases about poets, only trying to show the world how awesome they are.

Anyway, I was looking for this quotation and who might be famous for putting it in words. I didn’t find anything but this picture. On the one hand it seemed to be kind of true, on the other hand it seemed to be the perfect parody of this intellectual pseudo-poetry.



“Ingen människa ska känna sig ensam, värdelös och oomtyckt.”

No one shall feel lonely, worthless and unbeloved.

Written on a tile in Linköping, Sweden.

On this tiled wall, everyone can write a personal wish for the future in any language you want, for it may hopefully come true some day in the future. The wall can be found on a small passage along to Kinda Kanal.



The beginning.

2012-12-29 20.55.10

Dear readers,

this is the moment to begin. It’s always difficult to find the right words or the right topic in the beginning, but I think I’m starting with the actual… well, beginning.

As you can see, the title of this blog is in some way related to the picture of this article. I took this picture in my brother’s flat where he and his girlfriend are having hundreds of those fridge magnets. He asked me to immortalise myself on his fridge with a random phrase. I chose this one. Why? I should probably see a psychologist to get an answer for that. But anyway, this phrase fills me with joy everytime I see it.

When I was looking for a title for my blog, I stumbled upon this picture once again. I honestly didn’t hesitate to make it the name giver of this experiment. I hope you like it.

Now, let’s hope that this is the start of something that will touch someone once in a while somewhere near that thing we call the heart. Let’s hope that I can share some of the joy poetry gives to me with you in the future.