The home has always been an interesting and fascinating topic for me to analyse. It appears everywhere you look: thousands of songs have been written about it, every holiday reminds us of our home, one of the most important aims in life is to create (a new) one… And the question that always comes up for me when I hear someone singing “I’m driving home for Christmas” or saying “Welcome home!” is: what is a home? What defines it? Why is it such an important expression that it delivers 21.820.000.000 results in google, whereas love for example ‘only’ delivers 7.670.000.000?

I can never describe or define what home actually means. It means something completely different for every single one of us. Still, home is a word that contains wonderful memories, nice associations, positive connotations, inspiration and last but not least simply a whole bunch of great thoughts. Of course there are also negative sides of home, especially when you lose it or never had it. Home for me though is inseparably connected with life. Somewhere, somehow, sometime you will find your home in something. That’s what I strongly believe in.

Two weeks ago on my way back home to my family in Germany, I had a lot of time while I was waiting at Stockholm’s airport for several hours. There, I was longing to be home like never before. That was also the time when I made up my mind about this expression and I tried something out that I’ve been wanting to check for months. Being completely convinced by the greatness of this word, I had the theory that most of the songs containing or being about home are incredibly touching and beautiful. So I typed in the word in Spotify and looked for all those magnificent songs…

…and was proved wrong. Nevertheless, I created a playlist entitled “home” and gathered all the songs containing the word or the idea of a home there. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime you can try to make up your mind about what home means to you. You are very welcome to share this information with me.